Assessing What Counts

At Dunbar Library we’re counting [on] you! We want to make sure the library fits your needs. We’re in the early stages of a long-term building use study that includes identifying how people currently use the building and how users would like to see the library space change as we move forward. You may have noticed some curious librarians in bright yellow shirts with iPads in the library this semester. They’re part of our Assessment Team, working hard to improve your library study spaces. Counts help us see which places students like best, and photos show us how library spaces are being used. The Assessment Team will be taking the library’s measurements at intervals throughout the semester. If you see them around, feel free to ask them questions or let them know what you think!

MandyandPhilAssessmentDayIn addition to counting you, we’re also counting on you to share your thoughts. Throughout the semester, there will be questions on tabletop surveys and whiteboard polls. As we continue this process, we anticipate meeting with students and faculty in small groups to talk about the library space, resources, and overall user experience. If you’re interested in talking with us or giving us feedback about the library, we’d love to hear from you. We’re just starting this long-term study so no changes will be made immediately, but look for more opportunities to voice your thoughts as we continue this process.

Want to tell us what you think? Stop by and fill out a print survey, leave us a message on one of our whiteboard polls, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @DunbarLibrary for updates.

Questions about assessment? Email or call 937.775.2380.