Build Your Research Toolkit

Are you excited about your research papers and projects this semester, but maybe just a little bit overwhelmed by them, too? The Research Toolkit workshops are here to help you learn how to do better research, faster! Started last year, each of the eight Research Toolkit workshops are designed to improve library research skills based on the areas that students have identified as most challenging. These are appropriate for everyone from students in the first semester to graduate students working on a thesis or dissertation. We’ve got something for everyone.

Students who have attended the Research Toolkit workshops have overwhelmingly found them useful and were more confident about their skills after attending a workshop. One student told us, “I wish I had had this workshop on the first day of my program! Thank you!!” Others said that they gained such useful information in the first workshop they attended that they were going to try to attend all the workshops.

Each Research Toolkit workshop focuses on a different skill needed to do better research, faster. We think of those skills as the tools you need to succeed. This year, we’re introducing a new way to represent the tools you’re adding to your toolkit: each workshop has a corresponding button that you can pin anywhere. When you complete your fifth workshop, you’ll receive a tool that’s a level, flashlight, and four screwdrivers in one. Come to the Research Toolkit workshops and build your research toolkit – and your physical toolkit!

ResearchTK2015buttonsAttend at least five workshops, earn five of the research skill buttons above, and you’ll win this 5-in-1 multi-tool:


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