Year: 2015

LSAs: Helping Libraries Do More!

Library Student Assistants help library staff reach more patrons, complete projects and extend service hours. You may have noticed our Library Student Assistants wearing black polo shirts as they shelve books, check out holds at the Circulation Desk or answer questions at the Information Desk. The Dunbar Library staff cannot thank them enough for all they do – and free us up to do!

One of the ways our staff thank their Library Student Assistants is by contributing to the Library Student Assistant Award fund via the Campus Scholarship Innovation Campaign each year. Staff pledges are matched by the Friends of the Libraries organization to provide eligible students each fall and spring semester with a $500 award – which can help with textbooks, room and board, and other education expenses.

Congratulations to the Fall 2015 Library Student Assistant Award recipients:

  • Jacob Kosch
  • Justin Overman
  • Adam Randolph
  • Brianna Rigdon
  • Krishel Stout

This semester’s recipients were honored a reception on November 6th. Supervisors shared stories of their Library Student Assistant’s accomplishments and contributions to University Libraries. Students were asked to invite close family and friends to share in the celebration.



Kanopy: Start Watching Now

University Libraries is excited to announce a new online streaming video resource, Kanopy.

kanopy_owlKanopy is a streaming video service that will provide Wright State faculty and students with access to over 26,000 videos. Videos cover a broad range of subjects in the arts and humanities, social sciences, sciences, education and business and include films from major distributors such as PBS, BBC, Criterion, and the Media Education Foundation. You can browse selections at

Kanopy’s viewing platform makes it easy to watch films at your convenience whether you are on or off campus.  Many films are closed-captioned, and Kanopy is actively working on providing captions for all films on their platform.  Links to films can be embedded in course management systems and shared via social media.  Don’t need to use the entire film? Users can easily create custom clips for use in classes or in presentations.

Interested in showing a film for a club meeting or campus event?  All films on the Kanopy platform include public performance rights.  As long as you’re not charging admission, you can screen the film for your event.


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Submitted by:
Karen H. Wilhoit
Associate University Librarian for Collections

165 Years of Service

The annual Employee Recognition Ceremony will be held October 15, at 3:00 p.m. in the Student Union Apollo Room to recognize faculty and staff who have provided years of service to Wright State University. The University Libraries would like to acknowledge the following library staff members who will be honored at tomorrow’s event:

10 years

Maureen Barry

Mike Smith

Chris Wydman

Steve Wynn

15 years

13107 Library Staff Portraits 2-10-14
Desiree Loewit

maggie and rich
Richard Perry

20 years

Lisa Bleeke

Willie Moncree

25 years

Diana Kaylor

05 28 09 008
Susan Wehmeyer

30 years

Jeff Wehmeyer

Thank you for your service!

Research Toolkit: Back with Benefits!

Research Toolkit Workshops provide students with the skills they need to perform quality academic research. Using local and national studies, our Reference and Instruction staff identified and are addressing the major obstacles students face when performing research at the college level. Research Toolkit Workshops are free and offered throughout the year to all Wright State students.

For more information about the Research Toolkit workshops, visit

ResearchTK2015buttonScholarlyReading3 Simple Steps to Reading Scholarly Articles
Are you dreading reading through those 8-20 page articles you found for your paper? Do they seem like they are written in a different language? Never fear! In this workshop, you will learn strategies for making sense of those long, and let’s face it, sometimes boring, articles.

ResearchTK2015buttonEvaluatingDetecting CRAAP: Evaluating Information Sources
How do you know if the article you found is good enough to use for your assignment? Learn strategies for evaluating sources whether you find them on the Internet, in the library, or in the library’s databases. Students practice applying the CRAAP Test criteria to information sources.

ResearchTK2015buttonSelectingFinding the “Perfect Source”
Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve searched through many of the libraries’ databases using words that describe your subject, but nothing in your results list stands out to you as right on-topic. Luckily, you are not alone! We can help you locate sources that will be useful, and we’ll reveal that special perfect source that ties it all together.


Google Like a Pro
Do you love Google, but hate filtering through millions of results to find the type of information you need? Learn some of the tips and tricks of the information pros for how to make your use of Google more efficient for your information needs.



How Do I Find This Reference?
Do you feel a little confused when you are handed a reference or citation and expected to find the information source? Gain the skills that allow you to decipher a reference and then find the source. Feel like a detective who understands the code!


ResearchTK2015buttonIntegratingIntegrating Your Sources
You’ve searched for articles and books and you have a list of sources that are on your topic. Now how are you supposed to use them in your paper? In this workshop, staff from the Writing Center and a librarian will take you through the process of integrating those sources in your paper. Learn how to quote and paraphrase while avoiding plagiarism and keeping your voice the focus of your paper.

ResearchTK2015buttonServicesMore Than Books: What the Library Can Do for You
Helpful, friendly people. Convenient online articles and books. A multimedia lab. Places to study for groups and for individuals. Coffee. Games. Current print books. Where can you find all of this great stuff? In the Dunbar Library! If you still think all libraries have to offer are dusty old books then come discover all the cool things the library offers you for work and for fun!

ResearchTK2015buttonFindingStop Searching and Start Finding
Sorting through different information sources can be stressful. You’ve heard that using the library databases give you better results, but how do you find them? With the help of Jimmy Fallon and Jonah Hill, we’ll explore how to search the databases to find better results faster and easier. Also available as an online workshop at

MultiToolGraphicSansSpotlightNew Research Toolkit Incentive Program
New this year, workshop attendees will receive a pin representing the major skill covered by each workshop. Students who have collected 5 or more pins will receive a free multi-tool, a combination flashlight, screwdriver and level.

For more information please call the Information Desk at 937-775-2925 or email [email protected].