Call for Guest Bloggers on Fake News and Information Literacy

Are you a journalist, teacher, or researcher who has experience with fake news? We want to hear from you!

The University Libraries social media team is looking for interdisciplinary perspectives on the topic of fake news and how it relates to news literacy, media literacy, information literacy, and more. We hope to share a series of posts on this blog in the 2017-18 school year, aimed at helping Wright State students, staff, faculty, and the community better understand and evaluate news and information sources.

Interested in contributing? Please email your draft blog post of approximately 1-5 paragraphs to [email protected] by August 31, 2017 (Deadline extended: December 22, 2017).

Below are some sample questions to help you brainstorm. You do not need to answer these questions directly in your blog submission; these are just some ideas to keep in mind.

  • What is fake news, what has been your experience with it, and how does it affect your work/field?
  • How do you view the partnership between librarians and those who work in your field?
  • What does the term information literacy mean to you? Does it affect how you approach your work?


  • How have changes to the news cycle timeline and the growth of media coverage affected your work?
  • What do you wish your average reader knew about your job?
  • What is yellow journalism and how does it relate to fake news? What are some examples?


  • What age group do you teach? Have you addressed fake news in any of your classes? If so, what was your approach?


  • What psychological factors are involved when a person reads or watches sensationalized news?
  • What should the average reader be mindful of when consuming information?

Historians and Archivists

  • How does your research/work support journalism?
  • What is yellow journalism and how does it relate to fake news? What are some examples?
  • Is propaganda news?

Political Scientists

  • How has information and/or media literacy affected recent elections? Historic elections?
  • What should citizens do to fight fake news and make informed decisions moving forward?

Other fields, subjects, and perspectives welcome! Email your submission to [email protected]