Celebrate Global Media and Information Literacy Week!

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
Has declared
October 25 – November 1
Global Media & Information Literacy Week

Why Media & ‘Info Lit’ Matters:
In a world where we often hear about “fake news” and where algorithms often determine what information we are exposed to, media and information literacy is increasingly important. With access to more information than ever before, finding the right information can be more complex.

Information literacy defined:
Information literacy is a set of skills and abilities that supports finding, evaluating, and using information for an identified information need. It encompasses an understanding of how information is produced and valued in a democratized information environment, and promotes the ethical use of information in creating new knowledge. (For more about information literacy see here.)

How the University Libraries help:
Our librarians are information literacy professionals, who are here to help students (and our community) learn the skills and concepts they need to become information literate. Instruction librarians share their information literacy expertise in classes across campus and through our Research Toolkit workshop series.

For more information about UNESCO’s Global Media and Information Literacy Week, visit https://en.unesco.org/global-mil-week-2017. To learn more about how you can sharpen your information literacy skills, Ask a Librarian.