Changes to Kanopy Access Beginning December 13

The use of streaming video from Kanopy continues to grow and has outpaced the University Libraries’ ability to meet the demand. Since July 1, the Libraries have spent $19,950 on Kanopy videos, exceeding our projected budget for streaming videos by 31%. In order to continue providing videos for academic use and remain within our budget, we will be implementing changes in how the videos are accessed. This change will also provide us a better understanding of the need for streaming videos, providing data that we can take into consideration for future budget cycles.

Beginning on December 13, we will begin mediated access to Kanopy. You will continue to have access to videos that are already licensed for the term of the existing license, but if you try to view a video that has not been licensed, you will see a request form like the one below:

Kanopy form to request a video

If you complete the form to request the film, Kanopy will forward your request to the University Libraries. If the Libraries decide to license the film, it should be available within one or two business days.

You can always see a list of videos that are currently licensed, along with the license expiration date, here.

Requests from Faculty:

The Libraries will honor requests for videos that are to be used in your classes or for your research as long as the budget allows. If you are planning to use a video in a class, please check to see if it is already licensed. If the video you want is not licensed, please request it at least one week in advance so that we can be sure it is available for your class.

Requests from Students:

We will not automatically approve requests from students. If the request is for academic purposes, we will accept it (within the restraints of the budget) upon verification from the instructor that the video is being used for a class assignment or project. Again, requests need to be made at least a week in advance.

We have made other attempts to control Kanopy costs; for previous news posts on Kanopy, see: