Friends of the Libraries Lunch-In

screenshot of Mayor Whaley during the presentation
Mayor Nan Whaley at the Virtual Lunch-In

On April 21st the Friends of the Libraries hosted their first “lunch-in” event, a virtual presentation and discussion featuring Wright State Alumna and Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley. Over 85 people attended the virtual event to hear the Mayor speak about leadership in challenging times. Mayor Whaley spoke about her experience leading the City of Dayton through the tornadoes, a mass shooting, and COVID, and how leaders navigate challenges in a polarized climate. The Mayor emphasized the importance of local journalism for keeping the focus of information on the community’s issues and needs rather than national agendas. She encouraged attendees to support local journalism and to stay informed on multiple sides of an issue. She expressed her concern about the many silos that build up in a community whose individuals may rely on a single source for their information, one that holds a particular bias and doesn’t explore all sides. She also expressed her concerns about the impact of misinformation on democracy and the vital need for everyone to be cautious about falling victim to misinformation.

After the Mayor’s presentation, Mandy Shannon, the Head of Instruction and Research Services for the University Libraries, shared strategies for fact-checking information, improving news literacy, and being responsible consumers of news and other media. She stressed that we need to slow down, reflect before reacting, and be cautious about what misinformation we may be sharing through our social media posts. She shared the University Libraries research guide for Media Literacy and Fact-Checking which includes a four step process for fact-checking. Her presentation is linked from the guide.

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The Friends Board thanks all of the attendees for their participation in the program and are particularly thankful to the 36 patron level sponsors.