Guess Who (Round 2)

In case you were wondering, last week’s Guess Who was none other than Orville Wright, one of Dayton’s aviation pioneers.

In keeping with the basketball theme, this week’s contest features a local basketball player who was an NCAA All-American at Miami University and NBA standout. He played for Miami from 1982-86 and averaged 24.3 points, 11.2 rebounds, 3.2 steals, and 2.4 blocked shots per game during his senior year. He still holds the record as the greatest scorer in Miami University history. He later went on to the NBA where he was selected to the 1986-87 NBA All-Rookie Team with the Cleveland Cavaliers. During his fifteen years in the NBA he played for four different teams and won three NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls and two more with the LA Lakers.

But before his college and NBA success, he starred on the Kiser High School basketball teams of the early ’80s. Who is he?

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