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WSU Yearbook 1968

Welcome to Fall Quarter 2011!

It’s nice to see the campus full of people as students and faculty return for another year at Wright State. This year is an exciting one, as this is the last academic year that Wright State will operate under the quarter system. Beginning August 2012, Wright State will transition to a new semester system. Be sure to keep up on the latest semester transition information on the Semester Transition Advising page!

Have you ever wondered what back to school was like when Wright State was still a relatively new campus? The University Archives collection in Special Collections and Archives, located on the fourth floor of the Dunbar Library, has yearbooks and new student books dating from those early days. Here, for example, is a brief history of the campus, which was just a few years old when this was written in 1968:

A short history of WSU

A brief history (cont’d)










While Welcome Weekend keeps new and returning students occupied during those first few days on campus now, Freshman Day activities provided a lot of unusual and entertaining possibilities in 1968:









Be sure to check out the early course catalogs available in the Campus Online Repository (CORE) to see what kinds of courses were available for Wright State students in the 1960s and 1970s.

For more information or to see other yearbooks, course catalogs or records from the University Archives, come visit Special Collections and Archives in the Dunbar Library!

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