The Collection’s New Home

The DDN collection underwent its second move since our processing grant began. The basement of the Med-Sci building, its original home, was refurbished with 28 ranges of new archival shelving.  The shelving provides for a much for efficient method of storage. The SC&A staff moved the collection from the second floor of the Medical Sciences building back into the basement.  To accomplish the move it was necessary to empty every filing cabinet and place the contents into record storage boxes.  The most challenging aspect was not the physical movement of boxes, but formulating a plan to make sure everything stayed in order!

In preparation for placing the collection in its new home, we processed 210 boxes of news clippings. The clippings were kept in small envelopes inside of filing cabinets. These clippings are separated by topic: either personality or subject. They work well as a cross-reference for the photos.  These were processed at the box level and their contents listed in a database so we can quickly and efficiently find information for researchers once the project is complete. The collection is really starting to come together.

Please view the photos below. They display the new shelving and our continued efforts to process and integrate the DDN collection.

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