President Lyndon Baines Johnson in Dayton

The next Commander in Chief in our Presidential Series is the 36th POTUS, President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

President Johnson is described as one the most politically astute and canny politicians of the 20th century. He began his political career in his home state of Texas, running for the House as a New Deal Democrat. He was as a House member from April 10, 1937 – January 3, 1949. While a Congressman he served  in WWII as a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy. He later went on to the Senate where he served as the minority leader during the Eisenhower Administration.

In an effort to win Southern Democrats, Kennedy chose Johnson as his running mate in the 1960 Presidential Election. After the untimely death of President Kennedy, Johnson succeed him to the office. He went on to defeat Barry Goldwater in the 1964 Presidential Election.

Johnson’s legacy includes  many political successes, such as the passage of his sweeping Great Society  domestic programs (also known as the “War on Poverty”), landmark civil rights legislation, and the continued exploration of space. He is also remembered for his work to promote equality and civil rights, which in itself was a very difficult struggle where he had to use much of his political abilities to accomplish the task. He was the President who escalated the War in Vietnam and as a result of poor approval ratings he decided not to run for another term.

Please enjoy the photos of President Johnson in the Miami Valley.

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