New Exhibit: WSU History in the Library Group Study Room

If you’ve visited the WSU Dunbar Library’s Group Study Room recently, you might have noticed the new exhibit about Wright State University history, which was installed by WSU Special Collections & Archives staff during winter break.

This exhibit, created by archives graduate assistant Noel Rihm, highlights university history chronologically from the 1960s to the present. The photos, objects, and text are spread throughout several cases around the room. To start at the beginning–the 1960s–first visit the case nearest the entrance to the room (by the board games) and proceed clockwise around the room.

Even though this is one of the larger exhibits that Special Collections & Archives has developed and installed in the library, the history of Wright State University is much more vast than what we could ever show in a single exhibit. So if there’s anything more you want to know about the university’s history—and we hope there is!—please come visit us on the fourth floor of the Dunbar Library!

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