Neukom Flood Letters: Thursday, March 27, 1913

Nellie Neukom to her sister Evelene in Pennsylvania:

“March 27, 1913

“My dearest Evelene,

“Edward wrote to you & sent a telegram yesterday. The letter had to be sent C.O.D. and was sent from the school house by the Relief committee. Each hour an auto goes to Trotwood R.R. depot to sent [sic] off telegrams & post letters. This will go the same way. Everett is getting off wonderful photos to Collier’s & Leslie’s [magazines]. I hardly want to think less write about it all. We are safe in our own home. No fuel gas! And—all cooking done at Schantz’s where there is a gasoline stove. Mr. Baker (in relief committee) will try to get some denatured alcohol for us both to use. Am thankful we have the new furnace & coal & coke. And, am more thankful that Edward & Everett are both with me. There are many families separated and the sorrow is frightful. Fire is raging across the river over town—and as there is no water there can be no fire protection. Water is too deep for the engines to go or they could pump from the street. We know less about across the river than perhaps you do. And that fire has frightened people about being very careful on this side of the river. Lovingly, Nellie.”

[On the back:] “Mrs. Schuerman & the two children just came—Brought them in a boat & then automobile.”

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