Flood Diaries: Monday, March 31, 1913

Automobile damaged by the flood (ms128_1-4-32)

An automobile damaged by the flood (ms128_1-4-32)

J. G. C. Schenck, Sr.

“I worked in my office at NCR Co. till 12 noon. We got out—agents [R—?] also. Made up a Bk deposit. Afternoon I went up Town. Towed auto to Repair shop & took 200 [lb.?] ice to Phillips.”

(See the gallery below for more photographs of automobiles damaged by the flood, to get an idea of what Mr. Schenck’s car might have looked like when he took it to the repair shop.)

Bishop Milton Wright

“I went to School-house and mailed letter to Reuchlin; and, later, to Ellis Wright and Flora Glass. I slept an hour, afternoon. Saw Katharine. Andrews worked at his house. It is a bright day, windy.”

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