Flood Diaries & Letters: Sunday, April 6, 1913

J. G. C. Schenck, Sr.

“Drove my car to Cinti 2-1/2 hrs—had dinner at the Millers—saw Aunt Clara also Ed Black. Left car—came back on 1st Penn Train 5 PM via Xenia. Met Mr. [Anterton?] & party at 9:30PM at Xenia. They drove me to Dayton walked out to Stoddards from Patterson Homestead arrived 11 PM.”


Bishop Milton Wright

“It is a bright day. I slept nine hours. I slept two hours in the forenoon. Orville and Katharine came while I was sleeping. They came again later.”


Edward Neukom to his sister-in-law Evelene in Pennsylvania:

“April 6, 1913 

“Dear Evelene,

“Nellie is getting better right along; and may be well let her sit out in the yard for an hour or so to-day. Received over 30 letters yesterday and to-day. We will have natural gas again April 7th so I can quit using the cook stove in the yard. Don’t let Your mother come here nor anyone else, I can manage things better alone with the neighbors assistance, the quieter the house the better for Nellie. It keeps me busy answering most important letters.



Edward Neukom cooking on his stove in the yard, April 6, 1913. Photo by Everett Neukom (ms128_3-1-11).

Edward Neukom cooking on his stove in the yard, April 6, 1913. Photo by Everett Neukom (ms128_3-1-11).

Nellie Neukom to her sister Evelene in Pennsylvania:

“April 6, 1913

“My dearest Evelene,

“Hope Elen is quite well again—we are all three safe & well—House safe—I am tired out & Edward is cooking—Everett took a photo of him out in the yard—-Lisetta is safe and on the Battle Creek Daily Journal. Am so glad she did not try to get home—She could not get into Dayton just on acct. of flood & then the martial law. Things are being handled fine. Let no one try & come to Dayton. Do not worry about us—will write a long letter as soon as I can. Please notify friends of our safety—There are many interesting things to see—Everett has some wonderful photos—You will see them & get a letter as soon as I am all right—The natural gas is promised for tomorrow—We have had water since sat. a week ago—Love to all from your dear sister.



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