William at Chattanooga

Two days after his previous letter, dated December 6, 1863, William wrote his mother another letter from Chattanooga on December 8.  This is a longer letter that discusses a variety of news items, including receiving clothes she sent him per his request.

Of interest in this letter are several observations he makes.  One is a rumor that his Corps is being reassigned to the Army of the Potomac — which he opposes — he does not want to march up one hill and then down another.  The second is a comment about his Thanksgiving meal — one hard cracker, a cup of coffee, and a little piece of bacon as big as his finger — which he says was a great meal after the fight at Mission Ridge.  The third comment concerns who was the first to plant their flag on Mission Ridge — them or an Indiana regiment.  He believes the 1st OVI, along with a Kentucky regiment were the first to plant their flags on top of Misson Ridge.  Finally, he notes that he has not seen his brother for awhile, but he thinks he has “reformed a great deal from his old habbits.”  (Transcript of William letter, December 8, 1863)




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