Spring Break: A Great Time for Research!

Snow from the reading room window, Mar. 3, 2014

Snow from the reading room window, Mar. 3, 2014

Believe it or not, this week is Spring Break at Wright State University, despite the outside temps and snow-cover!

And while many of our students are having off-campus adventures (hopefully in sunny, warm locations!) this week, this is a great week to come on up to the Archives and do some research. If you’ve visited us before—or have just been hankering to return but haven’t quite made it yet—this is a great time to come and see us, because campus itself is relatively calm and quiet.

Please do note that because it is Spring Break, our hours are slightly different than usual. We are not open Wednesday evening or Sundays during Spring Break (details in last week’s blog post).

Please also note that Friday, March 7, may not be the best day for your visit. We have a couple of tour groups coming through that day, which will limit the space available for research and can also be slightly disruptive. But if you do choose to come see us on Friday, we will of course do our best to accommodate you!

You can learn more about visiting us on our web page, or please feel free to call (937-775-2092) or email us with questions.

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