New Exhibit: Phil Donahue’s Dayton Connection

Who hasn’t heard of Phil Donahue? Did you know that Phil Donahue has a pretty significant connection to Dayton, Ohio?

The Phil Donahue Show, which revolutionized daytime television with its unique format, premiered on Dayton’s WLWD-TV in November 1967 and was syndicated nationally in 1970. The show ran for 29 years and won 19 Emmy awards.

You can learn more about Phil Donahue’s life, career, and Dayton connection in a new exhibit on display on the first floor of the Dunbar Library, near the center stairwell, from now through the end of summer.

Phil Donahue's Dayton Connection exhibit, Feb. 2014

Phil Donahue’s Dayton Connection exhibit, Feb. 2014

The photographs used in this exhibit came from our Dayton Daily News Archive (MS-458).

For more information about Phil Donahue’s Dayton connection, as well as additional photos, check out our “Donahue” post on the Dayton Daily News Archive blog.

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