New Digital Collections Now Available

We are pleased to announce that several of our archival materials have recently been digitized and are now freely available online, anytime, through the Wright State University Campus Online Repository, CORE Scholar.

To view the digital collections, click on the links in the titles. Additional information about each collection is available on CORE Scholar, as well as in the collection finding aid (links to which are provided), and in the brief descriptions below.

Wright Patent Litigation Transcripts

In May 22, 1906, Wilbur and Orville Wright were issued a patent for “Flying Machines” by the United States. Ownership of this patent became the basis for the Wright Company to file patent infringement lawsuits against other aviators and aviation companies, most notably the Herring-Curtiss Company and Glenn H. Curtiss. This digital collection includes several volumes of transcripts from the patent trial litigation. Materials came from MS-1: Wright Brothers Collection (view collection information).

Defendants' Record, Volume I: The Wright Company vs. The Herring-Curtiss Company and Glen H. Curtiss

Defendants’ Record, Volume I: The Wright Company vs. The Herring-Curtiss Company and Glen H. Curtiss (available on CORE Scholar)

Palmer B. Coombs World War I Diaries

Palmer B. Coombs (1893-1959) enlisted in the U.S. Navy on April 6, 1917, the day that the United States formally entered World War I. He trained at Camp Paul Jones (IL), Wakefield Naval Rifle Range (VA), Mount Pleasant (SC), Camp Logan (IL), and Sandy Hook (NJ) before being sent overseas. He served in France at Saint-Nazaire, assembling gun mounts and cars, as well as at Nuisement, Soissons, Verdun, and St. Bernard Woods. He was released from the service on January 8, 1919. This digital collection consists of Coombs’ three WWI diaries, with dates between August 1917 and January 1919. Materials came from MS-182: Coombs-Learned Family Papers (view PDF finding aid).

Palmer Coombs diary page, 1 April 1917, (item # MS182_11_01_001)

Palmer Coombs diary page, 1 April 1917, (item # MS182_11_01_001 on CORE Scholar)

James F. Overholser Civil War Diaries

James F. Overholser (1840-1922) joined the Union Army in July 1862, along with approximately twenty other men from Eaton. He served as a private in Company D of the 81st Ohio until the end of the Civil War. During his service he served with General Sherman on his March to the Sea in 1864. This digital collection includes diaries, letters, and other papers from Overholser’s time with the Union Army. Materials came from MS-5: James F. Overholser Papers (view PDF finding aid).

James F. Overholser diary page, 6 January 1862 (item # ms5_01_01_01_07)

James F. Overholser diary page, 6 January 1862 (item # ms5_01_01_01_07 on CORE Scholar)

Oscar D. Ladley Civil War Letters (ongoing project)

On April 23, 1861, less than two weeks after the Civil War began, Oscar Ladley enlisted in the Union Army. He served his first 90 days as a private in Company E, 16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Then, he re-enlisted for three years, serving in Company G, 75th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. The 75th fought at a number of minor battles, as well as at Second Bull Run, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg. Oscar eventually reached the rank of captain in April 1864. He was mustered out at Jacksonville, Florida, in January 1865. Oscar later returned to the U.S. Army as a career in 1867. This digital collection, to which materials are still being added, includes primarily letters that Ladley wrote to his mother and sisters during his Civil War service. Materials came from MS-138: Oscar D. Ladley Papers (view PDF finding aid).

Letter, 1861 December 27, Oscar D. Ladley to Mother and Sisters [Catherine, Mary, and Alice Ladley] (item # ms138_01_01_25)

Letter, 1861 December 27, Oscar D. Ladley to Mother and Sisters [Catherine, Mary, and Alice Ladley] (item # ms138_01_01_25 on CORE Scholar)

The Guardian Student Newspaper (ongoing project)

The Guardian is the official student-run newspaper of Wright State University. Current issues of The Guardian are digitized as they are published. Historical issues of The Guardian, dating back to as early as 1964, are currently in the process of being digitized. (We are up to about 1976 so far!) All issues currently available in digital form can be found on CORE Scholar: The Guardian Student Newspaper. Materials in this collection are coming from University Archives and The Guardian office.

The Guardian, October 10, 1973 (view in CORE Scholar)

The Guardian, October 10, 1973 (view in CORE Scholar)

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