William “in bed for six days”

Almost from the beginning of the war, William Patterson had health issues.  In 1862 he suffered from what soldiers called “camp fever.”  Today we call it typhoid.  As the war continued, William had bouts of a variety of complaints.  In this June 21, 1864, William tells his mother that he has been sick “with my old complaints the reumatisism in the back” which has kept him in  bed for six days.  However, he indicates he is doing better.

William notes in this letter that he saw Robert Patterson and he was well.  The army is still “hammering away at the enemy” and have “driven them back to Marietta.”  He closes by indicating he received a letter from John H. Patterson and that he will try to write him as soon as possible.

Transcript of William Patterson letter, June 21, 1864.


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