1st OVI Mustering Out

Beginning in mid-to-late July, the 1st OVI was ordered to the rear to begin being mustered out due to expiration of term of service (3 years).  The regiment was mustered out by company with the first companies mustered out on August 1, 1864.  The last company was mustered out on October 14, 1864.  Veterans and recruits were transferred to the 18th Veteran Regiment Ohio Infantry on October 31, 1864.

According to “Ohio in the War” the 1st OVI was “engaged in twenty-four battles and skirmishes, and had five hundred and twenty-seven officers and men killed and wounded.  It saw its initial battle at Pittsburg Landing, and closed its career in front of Atlanta.  It marched about two thousand five hundred miles, and was transported by (railroad) car and steamboat nine hundred and fifty miles.”

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