Aircraft Photo Gallery Digitization Project

One of the major collecting areas for Wright State University Libraries Special Collections & Archives is aviation history. As a result, we have acquired tens of thousands of amazing and unique aircraft photographs.

Recently, we began a long-term digital project to illustrate the breadth and variety of these photographs by sharing a sampling of them in an online Aircraft Photo Gallery on CORE Scholar.

Aircraft Photo Gallery on CORE Scholar

Aircraft Photo Gallery on CORE Scholar

While this project is still ongoing, so far over 200 photographs from the William F. Yeager Collection (MS-223) are already available online. Approximately 1,600 total photographs selected from the Yeager Collection will be included in the project. (While that may sound like a lot, it is really just a drop in the bucket: the Yeager Collection alone contains over 25,000 photographs!) Photographs will also be selected from the Walter Matthew Jefferies Aviation Collection (MS-344) and the Robert Williams Aviation Collection (MS-376) as well.

Two of our dedicated volunteers with aviation expertise, Wayne and Karen Pittman, have been working diligently since January selecting photographs to be included in this project.

Wayne and Karen Pittman selecting photographs from the Yeager Collection, June 2014

Wayne and Karen Pittman selecting photographs from the Yeager Collection, June 2014

Digitization, metadata encoding, and uploading of this digital collection to CORE Scholar is being conducted by the Wright State University Libraries’ Digital Services Department.

The following 12 photos in the gallery below are just a small sampling of the more than 200 aircraft photographs already available online in CORE Scholar. Click on a thumbnail image to view it larger. To learn more about the image (including date and in some cases registration number), view it on CORE Scholar by copying and pasting the identifier number in parentheses into the CORE Scholar search box.

If you would like to receive email notifications when new materials are added to this gallery in CORE Scholar, you can create a free account on CORE Scholar, then click on the blue “follow” button near the gallery’s description.

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