Photograph inspires one of our Archivists to make Film

It was just one of thousands of photographs that Gino Pasi processes in his job as archivist and collections manager here at Special Collections and Archives. But this photograph — that of a beautiful young woman taken in the 1940s — was special.

And for Pasi — a filmmaker whose creative juices are always flowing — it was a movie. So he turned it into one.

Pasi has written, directed, and produced “The Archivist,” a short film about a young curator whose obsession with a photo leads him to the woman who was photographed and changes both of their lives in the process.

Read the full story at the WSU News Room.

In the interest of privacy, Gino has requested that the specific photograph that inspired his movie not be included in the article. Always thinking like an archivist!

Way to go, Gino! We are looking forward to seeing your film!

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