DDN Archives Materials Requested for “Carol” Film

Wright State University President David Hopkins recently shared some interesting Wright State connections to the Academy Award-nominated film Carol (2015), starring Cate Blanchett.

Among these connections are that the film’s production manager, Karri O’Reilly, is a 1994 WSU grad. Another 20 WSU grads and students also worked on the movie, which was filmed in Cincinnati.

But we’re excited to tell you there’s another connection!

The filmmakers requested photographs from our Dayton Daily News Archive to use as set dressing for a newspaper office depicted in the film. The photographs would provide background details as part of the work environment for one of the characters, a photo editor. The film is set in New York in 1952, so a variety of historical photographs dating to the early 1950s were requested.

Below are some of the images we provided:

Have you seen the film? Did you notice any of these or other photographs in any scenes?

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