Happy Anniversary to The Guardian

March 19 marks the 51st anniversary of The Guardian, the official student newspaper of Wright State University. The newspaper actually pre-dates the university, which in 1965 was still officially known as The Dayton Branch Campus of Miami University and the Ohio State University. “The Dayton Campus,” as it was commonly known, had just opened its doors the previous fall and was still in its infancy. The entire institution existed within the confines of Allyn Hall, the campus’s only building. There were big plans in store for the branch campus, which had just received approval from the state to become a public university of its own. The first Guardian issue was teeming with enthusiasm and full of items regarding the new university to come. There was so much to do, but where to begin?

One of the first important items for the campus to consider was “What are we to call ourselves?” There was much debate across campus and throughout the community as to what would be a proper name for Dayton’s new state university. There was strong sentiment to not use “Dayton” in the new university’s name, out of respect for the University of Dayton. There was also a strong feeling to identify something distinctive to the city or region to incorporate into the name. Other issues addressed in the paper were the development of the student senate, calls for space for student activities, a fledgling theatre group, and a welcome from the city of Fairborn, among other items. Below we have included several pages from the initial issue of the Guardian. Please enjoy this time capsule of the university from its earliest beginnings.


Page 1: A discussion of “Wright Brothers University”; The Mask and Quill thespian group and the first theatrical plays; the beginnings of intramurals; the first calls for a student union at WSU

The Guardian March 19 1965_Page_1




The Guardian’s endorsement of “University of Southwestern Ohio”; calls for unity for the student senate; the first editorial; a welcome from the Fairborn Chamber of Commerce

The Guardian March 19 1965_Page_2


The first sports wrap-up, covering Miami and OSU teams; a students review of The Mad River Review, the campus’s first scholarly publication; early advertisements.

The Guardian March 19 1965_Page_3


A controversial art exhibit; more advertisements

The Guardian March 19 1965_Page_4

You can read this and most other issues of The Guardian on CORE Scholar.

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