Student Volunteers in the Stacks

For the past few weeks Special Collections & Archives has been very fortunate to have two student volunteers from the Wright State University Center for International Education giving their time.

Alexandra “Sasha” Gribinenko, a native of St. Petersburg, Russia, and now a resident of Bender, Moldova, is an English Literature major. She enjoys translating texts, especially poetry, and hopes to build a career with an international organization assisting students from around the world. When asked what she most enjoys about Wright State, Sasha said “my most favorite thing here is the UCIE Office. I met so many amazing people there!”


Sasha smiling from the stacks

Med Elkebir, also an English major, traveled to Wright State from Nouakchott, Mauritania. As a student, he has focused on honing his English language skills in preparation for a career in the international business world. Med, when asked about his favorite part of Wright State, replied “it is the nice and welcoming people I got to know here. I never felt isolated, disconnected, or anything else, but home.”


Med hard at work

Sasha and Med not only greatly assisted the SC&A staff with daily duties and care of the collections, but they also picked up conservation skills by cleaning volumes, dusting boxes, interleaving Permalife (acid-free paper) between photograph album pages, and arranging files alphabetically. Along the way they also mastered the use of soft brushes, magnetic cloths, vulcanized rubber sponges, and our HEPA vacuum. When asked what the neatest thing he had seen here, Med jokingly replied “the vacuum.”


Med cleaning a ledger book with the vacuum


Sasha dusting the Ross A. McFarland Collection (FSC-1)

We always hope all our students and volunteers gain something during their time with us. Med said “I learned how to cautiously clean old books, arrange files according to the alphabet, and much more.” Sasha added “I learned how to take care of really old books and pictures, and how to preserve them. And, of course, I’ve learned a little bit more about Dayton history.”

Special Collections & Archives would like to thank Med and Sasha for giving their time and to wish them both much success in their continued studies at Wright State and future careers!

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