I Wonder if Main Street Has Changed?

Curious how your community has or has not changed over time? Doing research on a historic home or building? Or maybe you are just curious whether your hometown has appeared in the newspaper at one  time or another? The Dayton Daily News Archive (MS-458) has photograph and newspaper clipping files for many, if not all, of the cities, towns, and villages, big and small, throughout the Miami Valley. The photographs and clippings range from the 1940s-1990s and feature buildings, homes, businesses, street scenes, parks, schools, churches, sports, events, and people. These files are a wonderful  resource for local history, architecture, urban planning, genealogy, and/or personal interest.

Since I graduated from West Carrollton High School, I thought it would be fun to pull a few files and take a “walk through time.” See the gallery below for some of the images from my “hometown.” 

If you want to see if your town is represented in the Dayton Daily News Archive, please give us a call or send in a reference request



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