Do you believe in ghosts? Orville Wright Sighting in Dunbar Library

Last week, Orville Wright was seen in the Dunbar Library on campus. We think it was him due to the mustache and hat. He wasn’t as tall as he was in real life, but we are pretty sure it was Orville checking up on the Wright 1903 Flyer hanging in the library atrium.

In reality, it was 7 year-old Hunter Perry. His dad and mom, Richard and Maggie, work in the library and Hunter is a frequent visitor. He has been attending WSU’s Discovery Camp this summer. During week 2 of Discovery Camp this year, Hunter participated in a class called Night at the Museum. His class visited Special Collections and Archives that week and they learned about the Wright Brothers along with other Daytonians. Hunter’s mom said, “Every day after that, he’d come to the library and look up at the replica flyer and the cutouts of the Wright Brothers from the atrium. When it came time to dress as a famous person, the Wright Brothers were at the top of the list. He made the choice to be Orville because he wanted to wear a mustache.”

Hunter does look like Orville. Here’s the proof!

If you’d like to see more photos of Orville’s mustache or learn more about the Wright Brothers, visit Special Collections and Archives in the Dunbar Library.

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