Women’s Suffrage Cemetery Tour

Emily Reth is a graduate of the Wright State University Public History program and completed her capstone project with SC&A in the spring of 2018.

Look for some of the suffragists’ graves at Woodland Cemetery! Woodland currently holds a variety of tours which are free to the public. To access a full listing of their tours visit their website.

Entrance to Historic Woodland Cemetery (from MS-414 Woodland Cemetery Collection)

Entrance to Historic Woodland Cemetery (from MS-414 Woodland Cemetery Collection)

The Women of Woodland Cemetery Tour is offered throughout the year and available upon request. Visitors can follow Woodland Cemetery on Facebook for content and programing focus on the lives of those buried within Woodland or access their app to create a self- guided tour.

Women’s Suffrage Cemetery Tour:

Portrait of Katharine Wright by Jane Reece, 1914

Portrait of Katharine Wright by Jane Reece, 1914

Katharine Wright Haskell (1874 – 1929), sister of the Wright Brothers, was a supporter of women’s rights.  In her letters to friends and family, she emphasized the importance of obtaining the vote and equal standing in society.

Plot- section 101
Lot 2533
Memorial ID- 31769874

Katherine Kennedy Brown (1891-1986) was a fierce political advocate and an active member of Dayton politics. Through her memberships with multiple women’s clubs and organizations, she spread her views regarding women’s suffrage.

Plot- Section 101
Lot/Columbarium: 1724
Part/Column: SW 1/4
Grave: 1

Martha McClellan Brown (1802-1916), wife of Rev. William Kennedy Brown, she spoke around the country about the temperance and suffragist movements.

Section 111
Lot/Columbarium: 3009
Tier/Maus Sec: 6
Grave: 1

Ruth Herr, DDN Archive (MS-458)

Ruth Herr (1897-1985), art teacher for the Dayton and Oakwood schools, promoted equal rights and was a member of the National Women’s Party.

Section 109
Lot/Columbarium: 2735
Part/Column: N 1/2
Grave: 1

Electra C. Doren (1861-1927), suffragist who’s passion for library science propelled the incorporation of the Dewey Decimal System in Dayton Libraries.

Section: 101
Lot: 1724

Special Collections & Archives is home to the Woodland Cemetery Collection, 1841-2010 (MS-414). The collection can viewed by visiting the reading room located on the 4th floor of Dunbar Library. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5pm.

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