Happy Birthday to Orville and Katharine Wright!

Saturday, August 19 (1905), At home. It is Orville’s and Katharine’s birthday anniversary. Called at Lorin’s at 4:30, rain.” -Milton Wright diary entry, August 19, 1905.

As you can see, August 19 is a very special day for the Wright family marking the birthdays for both Orville (born 1871) and Katharine (both in 1874). The siblings would spend much of their lives together both here in Dayton and as they traveled the world.

The Wright Brothers Collection (MS-1) includes many photographs of the siblings together at home, traveling, spending time with family and friends, and having fun. Many of the images have been digitized and can be viewed on CORE Scholar.

In honor of the double birthday, please take some time to view the gallery of various photographs of their lives together and wish both Katharine and Orville a very happy birthday!


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