New Collection: Jody Sjogren Aviation Art Collection

The Jody Sjogren Aviation Art Collection (MS-574) consists of 10 artists’ proof prints of the original water color and Prismacolor pencil renderings. The collection includes works from her series “Metamorphosis” (7 pieces) as well as “Metaphors” (3 pieces), both of which depict aircraft with their namesake creatures or activities. Individual pieces are signed and numbered. In addition to the prints, there is a folder containing information about each of the 10 pieces and some biographical information about the artist Jody Sjogren.

Jody F. Sjogren grew up in a family of aviators and had her private pilot’s license by the age of 20. After earning a Master of Science in Medical Illustration degree, she started her own medical art business in 1981. Her interest in aviation and the natural world led to the series of limited edition prints for which she is best known, entitled “Metamorphosis,” depicting innovative transformations between winged creatures and aircraft. A subsequent series of her aviation art prints, entitled “Metaphors,” captures the namesake or essential spirit of an aircraft in a visual story. The print editions are published by her company, Metamorphosis Studios, and are distributed by galleries around the United States and Canada. Her works are displayed in many corporate offices, private collections, and public buildings worldwide. She is an artist fellow of the American Society of Aviation Artists and a certified member of the Association of Medical Illustrators.

The above biographical sketch is from Jody Sjogren’s profile on the American Society of Aviation Artists web site:

For more information about Jody Sjogren and her artwork (including images of some items in this collection) visit her web site:

For more information about this collection, including a detailed item listing, please review the MS-574 Jody Sjogren Aviation Art Collection finding aid.

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