New Collection: World War II Aviation News Clippings Scrapbook

The World War II Aviation News Clippings Scrapbook (MS-520) contains news clippings of aircraft and aviation events around the Miami Valley and the nation in the World War II era. Many of the clippings come from Dayton’s newspapers at the time, the Journal, the Herald, and the Daily News. Some clippings were taken from magazines. The creator of the scrapbook is unknown.

The scrapbook includes clippings and pages from newspapers and magazines from the Miami Valley area, as well as full manuals and magazines mainly based around the years of World War II.

Such entries include the following topics:

  • Jack Knight
  • Charles A. Lindbergh
  • Wright Field
  • Planes and aviation
  • “Largest Plane in the World”
  • World War II
  • Experimental planes
  • New planes
  • Clipping of a newspaper article where Orville Wright was not accepting the apology made by the Smithsonian for naming the wrong airplane the first to sustain flight.
  • Introduction and implementation of helicopters.
  • Early helicopters
  • “Silhouette Handbook of United States Army Air Forces Airplanes” 1942 handbook of U.S. Aircraft.
  • “Your Body in Flight” a manual on bodily problems during flight, 1943 July 20.
  • An article on the First Airplane, 1903 December 17.
  • A newspaper page about the “The Old Lady” carrier.
  • “Dayton Hub for World Air Lines” newspaper article.
  • Depicts the growth of planes and aviation.
  • “Rocket Planes in Test Stage” article.
  • Ace pilot Don S. Gentile
  • History of U.S. Bombing aircraft.
  • “The Story of Wright Field” article, Sunday 2943 February 28.
  • World War II European aircraft.
  • A comic book about General “Hap” Arnold.
  • “Naval Aviation News” a news magazine on airplane information, 1947 October.
  • “Boeing Magazine” magazine on aircraft information by Boeing, 1947 October.

This collection was processed in May 2019 by WSU College of Liberal Arts intern Jesse Sturgill. For more information about this collection, please review the MS-520: World War II Aviation News Clippings Scrapbook finding aid.

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