New Collection: 1937 Flood Scrapbook

In January and February 1937, record rainfall caused significant, record-breaking flooding in Ohio, as well as Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky, especially along the Ohio River. Overall, the flood left a million people homeless, causing $500 million in property damage. In Cincinnati, the flood displaced a hundred thousand people and killed two.

River Hits 77.72 feet at Cincinnati, 1937 (from MS-663)
River Hits 77.72 feet at Cincinnati, 1937 (from MS-663)

The collection contains a scrapbook featuring various newspaper clippings covering the 1937 Ohio River flood. Clippings include photographs, brief articles and photo captions, advertisements, and local cartoons showing the flood’s impact on daily life, flood prediction, damage, and relief efforts. Material covers the flood’s impact on Cincinnati as well as some locations in Kentucky (e.g., Newport, Louisville, Dayton) and Indiana. Additionally, it contains a newspaper, published by the Cincinnati Times-Star as a pictorial history of the flood.This newspaper includes some of the photos that appear in the scrapbook.

This collection was processed in September 2019 by WSU College of Liberal Arts intern Megan O’Connor. For more information about this collection, please review the MS-663: 1937 Flood Scrapbook finding aid or contact Special Collections and Archives.

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