Women’s History Coloring Sheets

We recently created several coloring pages for Women’s History Month and shared them on social media. Now you can find, download, and share these any time right here from the blog post.

Each photograph below shows the original image from which the coloring sheet was created, a brief description of the woman/women featured, and links to either download the PDF coloring sheet or learn more.

We hope you find these fun and educational! Happy coloring!

Josephine and Hermene Schwarz (ms218_40)

Josephine and Hermene Schwarz founded the Schwarz School of Dance in Dayton in 1927. It became the Dayton Ballet Dance Center in 1984.
Download the Schwarz sisters coloring sheet (PDF).
Learn more in the Josephine Schwarz Papers (MS-218).

Katharine Kennedy Brown voting in 1920 (ms146_82_01_16)

Katharine Kennedy Brown, right, Dayton political activist and National Republican Chairwoman, voting for the first time in 1920.
Download Katharine Kennedy Brown coloring sheet (PDF).
Learn more in the Katharine Kennedy Brown Papers (MS-146).

Alice Carr, 1924 (ms135_B8F1)

Alice Carr, a native of Yellow Springs, had a long and distinguished career working in Europe for the Red Cross and the Near East Foundation as a nurse and public health administrator.
Download the Alice Carr coloring sheet (PDF).
Learn more in the Alice Griffith Carr Papers (MS-135).

Katharine Wright, 1914

Katharine Wright, sister of Wilbur and Orville, was a great supporter of the Wright Brothers’ aviation activities, as well as active in the women’s suffrage movement.
Download the Katharine Wright coloring sheet (PDF).
Learn more in the Wright Brothers Collection (MS-1).

Katharine Wright and Marjorie Stinson (MS216_08_01_05i)

Katharine Wright, A. G. Woodward, and aviatrices Marjorie Stinson and Katherine Stinson at Huffman Prairie, where Marjorie learned to fly at the Wright School of Aviation, in 1914.
Download the Wright-Stinson coloring sheet (PDF).
Learn more about Marjorie Stinson at NASM.

Mrs. Whiting and Marjorie Stinson (ms1_20-8-1)

Mrs. Kenneth Whiting and Marjorie Stinson seated in a Wright Model B Flyer at Huffman Prairie, 1914.
Download the Whiting-Stinson coloring sheet (PDF).

Don’t forget: we have many other amazing women’s history collections as well!

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