The Pandemic Through Photos

In addition to diaries, we are collecting photographs of the Pandemic for our Document Your Story: COVID-19 Project. Photographs capture events, places, people, and objects in the moment and provide vital historical information just like diaries, letters, and other documents. Today our cellphones allow us to easily capture images as we travel our neighborhoods, visit stores, or walk in the park.

Below are galleries of photographs taken by SC&A archivists Lisa Rickey, Bill Stolz, and Toni Vanden Bos documenting life in the Miami Valley during the last month.

Photographs are powerful storytelling tools and help share what we are witnessing here in the Miami Valley during the Pandemic.

Be sure to take photos of what you see while you walk, shop, travel, or work and record the date and location. All of our photographs will be provide important information to the future generations that study the Pandemic.

If you are interested in donating photographs or other materials documenting your experiences during the COVID-19 Pandemic, please contact the SC&A staff at [email protected] or visit our project page for more information.

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