Special Collections Awarded $75,000 Grant from National Aviation Heritage Alliance

We are thrilled to announce that Special Collections & Archives (SCA) has been awarded a $75,000 grant from the National Aviation Heritage Alliance (NAHA)! The grant-funded project will upgrade SCA facilities, which will aid in the preservation and security of our collections and enhance the overall aesthetics of the reading room. 

The overall estimated cost of the project is $204,000. The additional money to round out project funds (and grant match) comes with the gracious support of the Wright State Friends of the Libraries Foundation, with the primary donor being the late Karen Pittman, who was a long-time SCA volunteer.

SCA is on the 4th floor of the Paul Laurence Dunbar Library, and our collections storage area is surrounded by windows, as well as an open atrium on one side, exposing the area to light damage and temperature and humidity fluctuations.  This project will close in the collections storage area from the atrium with a glass wall; add UV filter film and window treatments to the new glass wall, as well as to existing windows and exhibit cases; and change fluorescent lighting to LED.  These improvements will help to control environmental conditions that accelerate the deterioration of archival material.

In addition, the front entry door to SCA will receive an upgrade.  The current wooden door has been in use for nearly 50 years.  A new door with swipe card access will better control entry into the space, improving security. 

Lastly, the furnishings in the reading room have been in use for nearly 25 years.  In addition to being a reading room, the space serves as a classroom and a special event space for the University and the community.  The space appears in advertisements, promotional videos, news stories, and documentaries; therefore, an upgrade to our furnishings will aid in our promotion and marketing.   All these upgrades fit into the overall plan for renovating SCA.

We are so excited for all the positive changes on the horizon, and we hope you are too!

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