Where is William? Part III

On August 10, 1862, Brig. General J. W. Sill assumed command of the brigade to which the 1st OVI belonged.  Shortly thereafter, on August 24, the regiment, along with Sill’s brigade and the division, marched to Pelham, Tennessee where it joined forces with Major General A. M. McCook’s 1st Corps of the Army of Ohio.  On August 28, the regiment marched to Altamont, Tennessee, located in the Cumberland Mountains southeast of Nashville.  On August 29th and 30th, the regiment participated in the reconnoissance of the main road to the Sequatchie Valley, which is located northwest of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Finally, on August 30th, the regiment marched toward Nashville, Tennessee passing through Manchester, Murfreesboro, and Lavergne, arriving in the vicinity of Nashville on September 7, 1862.

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