William and the 1st OVI

In May 1863, the 1st OVI, now part of the Second Division of the Twentieth Army Corps, is located outside of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, in winter camp.  They would remain in this location the Union Army of the Cumberland, until June 24.

On May 6, William Patterson wrote his mother a letter in response to a letter he had just received from her.  It was the first letter he had received from her since he traveled home on a 20-day leave after the death of his father on March 23.  The letter talks about possibly needing his commission, which he left at home, to be paid by the paymaster.  It also talks about the chance of receiving orders to advance on the Confederates, which he believes is unlikely.  It closes with a P.S. indicating that he was feeling better and getting over his cold.  (Transcript of William letter, May 6, 1863)


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