A Visitor from Le Mans, France

We had the pleasure last week of hosting a special visitor from Le Mans, France, to see materials from our world-famous Wright Brothers Collection.

Marc Denoueix is a businessman and the former President of the Le Mans Sarthe Wright Centennial Committee, the committee which took charge of the Centennial events in honor of the Wright Brothers’ first public flights, which occurred in Le Mans, France in 1908.

Denoueix and some friends were especially interested in materials focusing on the Wrights’ activities in France. It was fun learning more about those events from a subject expert such as Denoueix!

Marc Denoueix (right) with archivist Chris Wydman and the Michelin Trophy, which Wilbur Wright won in 1908 for the longest flight of the year (at Le Mans France).

Additional photos from Denoueix’s visit can be viewed in the gallery below. Click on an image to enlarge it:

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