Miami Conservancy District

The greatest legacy to come from the 1913 Flood was the funding and creation of a flood protection system that has, since 1922, protected the Miami Valley from suffering such a horrific disaster again: the Miami Conservancy District. Designed by a young engineer named Arthur Morgan, the Miami Conservancy District project consisted of several levees, 5 dams, and other improvements to the rivers. The five dams are: Englewood, Germantown, Huffman, Lockington, and Taylorsville.

These photos from the Dayton Daily News Archive depict the construction of the dams, as well as other aspects of the Miami Conservancy District projects:

More information can be found in these resources at Wright State University Special Collections & Archives:

  • Dayton Daily News Archive, DDNBW Files, Box 770, Miami Conservancy District.
  • Miami Conservancy District Records (MS-128).
  • Osborn Removal Company Records (MS-77).
  • Bennet Coy Miami Conservancy District Collection (SC-100).

You will also find useful information at the Miami Conservancy District home page.

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